Need a reliable partner for optimal solutions to find and use the best raw ingredients for your products? Looking for a team with expertise as well as years of experience for your problems in the field of food technology?

We can help.

Our services range from developing recipes in our own laboratory to identifying problems and finding solutions - even on site at your establishment, if you prefer. Our Food Technology Department can advise you on all aspects of product optimisation. Usage advice and service - for our customers worldwide - has been an important and recognised component of our corporate philosophy for decades.

Put it to the test!

You want to improve a product, change its consistency, or prolong its shelf life. - So you need new recipes.

Or you want to expand your product range into completely new market segments. - So you need to develop new products.

Our highly professionally trained and extremely motivated staff will develop solutions for your needs. They will provide you with advice and above all with assistance. They ensure you use the best raw ingredients and additives to make your products quality products. They develop custom solutions in our in-house laboratory that are tailored to your requirements, especially in terms of cost minimisation and quality optimisation.