As a food manufacturer, you are aware of the complexity of the production process of various foods. We are happy to develop solutions tailored to your needs! Please contact our product development department. We can definitely help you!

The table below should give you an overview of our product range:


Usage groups

Product examples

Lightly salted herring fillets prepared matie-style, with or without herbs:

Salinat, Salinat S4 Salinat C3, Salinat 7P, Salinat Twister (or with Salinats tailored to your requirements)

Matie fillets, produced by enzymatic curing, with or without herbs:

Salinat M, herb Salinat M, eel smoke Salinat

Salad mayonnaise, light mayonnaise, dressings, and dips made using cold production, with or without addition of egg yolk:

Mayomil E 20, Mayomil A/3, BUMO GP 1

Salad mayonnaise and dressings made using cold production with no egg yolk or milk protein:

Milkamin OE, MABIN

Dressings and creams mad using hot production:

Mayomil ND, Milkamin 30/SFM3, Erol D/90, Erol 30

Fully preserved sauces and creams, thickened soups, sterilisable stabilisers and emulsifiers:

Milkamin 30, Erol 30, Erol P, Milosan, Eladin, Milkamin F

Ketchup and marinade sauces, stabilisers for cold and hot production:

Erol 30, BUMO GP1, Erol KN

Marinades, sauces, fish products, shellfish and crustaceans:

Vitosan, herb blend, various products for improving quality, taste, and shelf-life

Breadcrumb and coating additives:

Coloflor, Enervit

Desserts, cold or hot production:

Erol 30, Eladin

Colouring food additives:

Vegetable concentrates

Pates, spreads, fish cakes, minced fish:

FRIBI, Erol SK-100

Salmon substitute production, roe treatment, shrimp treatment:

Salinat, pH Activat, Activat

Various additives for frozen foods production:

Milkamin 30/SFM3, Erol TK

More usage groups:

e.g. various food additives for ice cream production, baked goods, meat and dairy products, processed cheese production, anchovy and herb herring fillets, and pickled herring strips, etc.

Various raw ingredients and additives:

native and modified starches, preservatives, organic acids, hydrocolloids, fibres, phosphates, flavourings etc.