Modern mixing technology - made-to-order production

Want to reduce personnel and storage costs, but need ready-mixed semi-finished products on demand for your product range? Need ready mixes exactly according to your recipes in different quantities at different times? We can help.

A. Schmidt & Co. GmbH handles the filling and compounding processes for you according to your wishes. We can keep the raw ingredients or ready mixes for your production in large modern warehouses, and thus fulfil your delivery requirements at any time. Modern dust-free mixing technologies make it possible to mix any recipe again at any time, while maintaining the same quality. Adapting the machines to customers' wishes is a matter of course for us.

See for yourself!

Performance-related characteristics - Supply chain

  • Consulting for efficient, cost-effective production processes according to your recipe specifications, with the option to further develop your product range or develop new products.
  • Assistance in procuring raw ingredients; you might benefit from volume discounts.
  • Refinement, compounding, or repacking according to batch.
  • Quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001: 2008 - for example, incoming goods checks, screening, metal detection,
  • Batch traceability, HACCP system, organic certification, EU milk approval, kosher certification, etc.
  • Packing according to batch, e.g. bags, drums, big bags, etc.

We offer storage, delivery, and other logistics services!